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Black Sky

A self-love and acceptance journey through the lens of meeting different aspects of the Self.

Welcome, Sister...

It’s no accident that you’re here, on this page, reading these words. You were divinely guided, not by anything outside of yourself, but something from within led you here. 


The part of you that is ready to remember who you are, who you’ve always been. This is the part of you that desires to awaken and reclaim your God-given power. This is the part of you that is ready to come home to your Soul. 


You are a benevolent, multi-dimensional being! There is so much more than what meets the eye! There is so much more than what touches the surface. There is so much more stored within. Are you ready to dive deep, to unlock all parts of you? To enliven your unlimited capacity to love yourself? Are you ready to receive the self- acceptance you’ve been craving, the acceptance you deserve?


You’ve been told all your life that your power lies within, you already have all the answers, everything you need is inside of you. This is your Truth. But HOW do you access these parts of the Self? 

How do you trust your intuition? 

How do you embody your Highest Self? 

How do you befriend the Shadow Self? 

How do you nurture the Inner Child? 

How do you learn from the Past Self? 

How do you align the Energetic Self?

How do you truly love & accept yourself?

Black Sky

In these 8-weeks, all parts of the Self will be ILLUMINATED, bringing forth your own greatness and potential! This is a spiritual journey of self-discovery and coming home to the Self.

This is more than a course. This is more than a group program. This is a spiritual journey of self-discovery, a sacred space, a sisterhood and so much more.


This is for you if….


You’re ready for a journey of radical self-love & acceptance. Say no more, you’re in the right place.


If you are done with letting the inner critic win and sick of repeating old, harmful habits. Stop the people-pleasing and please yourself!


If you’re tired of doubting yourself, questioning your gifts, and/or giving away your power.


If you’re ready to release the fear, guilt, and shame that have been weighing you down and holding you back.

Black Sky

But first, let’s get a few things straight…

You are complete. All parts of you make you WHOLE. All parts of you are worthy. 

We are simply meeting parts of the Self, parts that already exist within, and bringing them forth. 

You are not separate from your Highest Self. You are deepening your awareness and connection to yourself to embody self-love. 


No one can do the work for you. This is a devotional journey to the Self through the Self.


Having a group of supportive sisters to lean on, to be inspired by, who are walking alongside you through this journey. Women who are here to cheer you on, hold space for you, and who genuinely care about your wellbeing. 

Being a part of a nurturing community that reflects back to you your own potential and encourages your growth. A place where you make genuine, authentic connections - a sisterhood that is like family, surrounded by like-minded souls who get you. 

Having the safest space to come home to your Soul, to befriend the Shadow, and embrace all aspects of the Self!

Imagine having the tools, techniques, and ongoing support, to help you deepen your self-love, step into your greatest potential, and welcome all parts of you!

What does Illuminate Your Life Include?

8 Weekly Group Integration Calls

We being December 1st at 6 pm MST

The powerful space for you to be personally guided and supported on your self-love journey. Magic will be going down on these Zoom calls! If you can’t make them live, no problem, they’ll be recorded so you can watch back whenever you like.

One 60-min 1:1 Call

You and I can connect on a personal level to set specific goals and help you get the most out of this container!

Recorded Videos/Meditations/Practices

Meditations, breathwork, videos, embodiment, rituals & more! Powerful exercises to complement each module and to integrate the work. These help you get out of your mind & into your body!

Ongoing Support

A private Facebook group where you can get your questions answered, share your wins and challenges, feel safe & seen, and be part of a supportive sisterhood who uplift & empower you!

Digital Workbook

To help you dive deeper into the work!

&& a few surprises in store! ;-)


What we'll cover...

Meet the Sisterhood

Meet your fellow sisters joining you in this space. This gathering will be similar to a women's circle with meditation, journaling, ritual & more!

Meet the Intuitive Self

Deepend the connection to your intuition. Learn how to fully trust yourself and honor your inner Knowing.

Meet the Highest Self

You are not separate from your Highest Self. Learn to communicate with and embody this version of Self. 

Meet the Shadow Self

Learn to befriend the Shadow Self. This is not a part of us we should fear, but love and embrace!

Meet the Inner Child

Nurture your inner child. We will move through reparenting exercises to make your inner child feel seen, heard, and loved.

Meet the Past Self

How can you learn from your past? Dive deep to uncover & reframe limiting beliefs! It's time to release old narratives!

Meet the Energetic Self

You are an energetic being. Here we will explore the Chakras, the Feminine, and the Masculine.

Meet the Embodied Self

Integrate ALL the work you've been doing. Get out of your head and into your body!