Goddess Gatherings


Monday, April 26, 2021

6 pm MST

Zoom Women's Circle



Welcome, Soul Sister.

Goddess Gathering Manifesto:


 My mission is to bring together like-minded souls to rise together. When we come together in the sacred space to share, reflect, and listen - you are invited to see these other women as your sisters, to see them in their highest light. When you can hold others in that vision, you rise to meet that light you see in HER, which is the light within YOU.

When you recognize the Goddess in another, you initiate the Goddess within you.

Imagine a world where...

Rather than criticizing and accusing one another, you shower your sister in praise, empower her, and trust that she will always have your back! 

Instead of gossiping and backstabbing, womxn support each other, hold each other high, and walk alongside each other as we do hard things, grow, and evolve. 

Rather than acting from a place of fear, insecurity, and scarcity, we thrive off one another’s successes, celebrate together, and elevate each other’s gifts!

Like you, I’ve been burned too many times by society turning womxn against each other. I’m done playing into that bullshit. I’m finished pleasing the patriarchy. 

My intention is to shatter the stigma that other womxn are your competition or the enemy.  

Together, we rise. Together, we move mountains. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are more powerful.

Will you join me in this mission?

I invite you to join an empowering group of women gathering monthly to connect, collab, and celebrate their inner-Goddess!

What you can expect: meditation, journaling, reflecting, sharing, intention setting, releasing, ritual, Goddess card readings, breathwork, and more!

What you will need: journal, pen & candle (and anything else you'd like to use in personal ritual)

Please come in the mindset of sharing, being present, and holding space for your sisters.

This is a safe space where you are held, supported, and loved.


*This is an expansive and inclusive event to all those that identify as women and/or have been socialized female, regardless of gender identity or gender expression. This space also welcomes non-binary individuals who sometimes, partially, or historically identify as women. 

© 2020 by Ashlyn Bugbee

Ashlyn Bugbee Yoga LLC, Denver CO