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Ashlyn Bugbee is a dedicated student to the living art of yoga, a nurturing and passionate community builder, and teacher educator.


Ashlyn’s teachings embody duality, focused both on the yang principles of psychosomatics and movement; and lunar aspects of yin yoga, restorative and Yoga Nidra. She blends Eastern principles and psychology with asana-based movement to guide practitioners through a powerful, integrative experience. 

By drawing wisdom from Buddhist philosophy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ashlyn interweaves mindfulness and dharma teachings into somatic experiences, encouraging contemplation and introspection. She crafts intentional sequences with an alignment-based emphasis to awaken the subtle body, sustain longevity and cultivate self-empowerment within the practice. Ashlyn’s work brings a deeper layer of psychodynamics into her offerings, incorporating tools from Buddhist psychology and meditation, and the Internal Family Systems therapy model.


With years of experience, Ashlyn leads teacher trainings, workshops, and destination retreats. She humbly pays reverence to her teachers: Kali Basman, Jack Kornfield, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga,  and many more.

Public Classes

Ashlyn is based in Colorado, all her public classes can be found in the greater Denver area:



4:30 pm - Movement Englewood



10 am - Movement Baker


6 pm - Movement Golden


7:30 pm - Movement Golden



9am - ALIGN Yoga Denver West


6 pm - Movement Englewood


7:30 pm - Movement Englewood



6:30 am - Movement Baker



12 pm - Movement Baker


Ben R

"Ashlyn is a truly brilliant Yoga Nidra teacher, and her shine is constantly growing brighter. She has a profound intuitive understanding of the rhythms of reality and of the human psyche, an understanding that deepens every time I see her.

Working with her has inspired tremendous personal growth and healing, and I consider classes and private sessions with her to be an essential part of my process; some of the most profound visions I have ever had have occurred during her Nidra classes."

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