The Alignment Activation program is designed to empower you to discover your authentic Truth and empower you on your journey! This is an opportunity for you to discover your purpose, overcome your blocks, and transform your fear into confidence.

This program offers you tools and support to help you embody your Truth and live your most full, authentic life! This program is for you if you are committed to living a life of alignment and stepping into your power! 


This is the most in-depth and intentional container I offer. This program is a minimum commitment of 3 months (12 weeks). We will work 1:1 to move through a very sacred process of undoing, unbecoming, and unlearning. In our time together, we will work to identify what is holding you back and rewrite your story!


This program encompasses methods of mediation, mindfulness, embodiment, journaling, reflecting, rituals, Human Desing, and more!


Are you looking to free yourself from negative self-talk and rewrite your story?

Are you moving through a major shift or transformation in your life and looking for guidance?

Still searching for your purpose and direction? Not sure of your next steps to accomplish your dreams or how to get there?

Are you ready to embrace ALL parts of you? To befriend the shadow-self and learn tactics of self-love and acceptance?

Wanting to learn practices, tools and rituals on how to live a more mindful, authentic life? Free yourself from anxiety?

Looking to gain the confidence to LIVE, SPEAK, and EMBODY your truth?

Was the answer "YES" to the questions above? 

I want you to know I'm ready for you. I see you. I hear you. And I can help you.


This space is for someone who is ready to get real with themselves and is willing to own their old patterns and stories, and transform them into your power!

This program is a way to deepen the relationship with yourself,  find your voice, and live your purpose! 

No one else can do the work for you, this is a commitment of growth, empowerment, and truth!

Please APPLY to this program to make sure we're a good fit to work together!


Courtney M.

Before meeting Ashlyn I was lost in my own personal separation of thoughts. I needed guidance with pinpointing and figuring out what exactly I was letting hold me back from feeling independent or my true authentic self. I was lacking confidence even though I was making major life changes. Some of those changes included a new job, searching for an apartment, and a new relationship. I couldn’t find anything to keep me mindful or grounded, to be honest. 


After meeting with Ashlyn and having just 1 session, I finally felt like I had a set idea of what I wanted to work on, achieve, and how I needed to think about myself while doing it. I gained a sense of understanding from the ground up. It was the base work for me to really understand the order my thoughts were going. Whether it be a reminder when I am catching myself losing focus, or trying to figure out what I was keeping myself from internally. We worked towards ideas that I never knew I had been bottling so a sense of closure came with my session, as well. I applied the work we did to my yoga practices and meditations and could feel myself growing. I applied it even further with how I approach difficult situations in everyday life. My awareness increased as I developed the tools I picked up from our session and could center my strengths and weaknesses in those exact moments. 


The tangible and intangible results from working with Ashlyn have gone hand in hand. I am constantly catching my narrative attempting to steer me down the consistent cycle of ideas I allowed myself to get stuck in, and my internal notes from our session can help realign me right away. I now try to live and breathe by the mantra I built with her and make adjustments along the way depending on what I’m facing. This is what pulls me back to “life” per se. This is also what helps me really feel true to myself. 


The results make me feel in control of my own ideas, love them, and have no competition with anyone else’s goals/ideas/choices because of that uplifting confidence I grew, without growing an ego. 


 Working with Ashlyn is very peaceful. The way she presents herself and the calming tone she spoke to me in made her very trusting. Although I hadn’t seen her in years, it was easy to open up to her and relate issues to the questions she was asking without fear. She adds humor and made sure everything was clear for me to understand. Thank god because I do not like feeling vulnerable or embarrassed when in a new situation. It was easy and I felt safe. 


I absolutely would recommend her as a mentor towards others. She is kind and clearly passionate about helping others. I knew right away she had only the best intention in mind. And left reassured with that. In just one session I felt a weight I knew I was carrying but didn’t know why lifted from my shoulders. If someone was on the fence about hiring her, I would encourage them to actually have a conversation with her, it only takes a second of interaction to feel her impact. 

Jackie H.

I have almost always lived with a scarcity mindset.  Aside from being grateful for what I had, I didn’t always believe I could achieve more or do something outside my comfort zone.  

I had been dreaming about starting my own business that incorporated several services: therapy, reiki, and yoga.  After working with Ashlyn, I started to believe this was possible, not only a dream.  She helped me shift my mindset to one of abundance, realizing all I have to offer!!  She also opened my eyes to practical knowledge of my mapping that makes me who I am.  Owning all the parts of me makes it so much easier to move forward, lessen ridiculous expectations I had of myself.  I no longer see some parts of me as a hindrance but what I am and that is so valuable!  Several months later, I am starting my own business.  I’m offering therapy, reiki, and taking yoga trainings.  I’m not afraid either!

I immediately noticed I was calmer when difficult situations or emotions would rise up.  I would still acknowledge what I was feeling or thought about the situation, but able to move through it in a way that didn’t send me spiraling into a negative direction.  I also believed I am someone who could start their own business!

Ashlyn is so easy to work with.  She is able to challenge you to consider other perspectives in a safe, comfortable way.  She makes difficult work not as strenuous.  And she is just awesome!!!

I would highly recommend anyone to work with Ashlyn.  I think having an open mind to new ideas is key to get the most out of Ashlyn’s offerings.  

Ashlyn is a truly brilliant Yoga Nidra teacher, and her shine is constantly growing brighter. She has a profound intuitive understanding of the rhythms of reality and of the human psyche, an understanding that deepens every time I see her.


Working with her has inspired tremendous personal growth and healing, and I consider classes and private sessions with her to be an essential part of my process; some of the most profound visions I have ever had have occurred during her Nidra classes. It is hard for me to believe how young she is; her potential is truly limitless. Her continual growth as a teacher is readily apparent; from seeing her grow over the past few years, I have no doubt that the Ashlyn of a year (or 5 or 50) from now will be even more skilled in her practice.


I recommend her most highly to anyone who is serious about their growth and spiritual development. 

Ben R. 

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